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GAIA prides itself of bringing to Australia emerging artists from Italy in collaboration with the main Italian Institutions

Le Affinitá Elettive

Elective Affinities

Artworks by Adele Ceraudo
09 - 23 may, 2015

Famous creations of the Renaissance will show a new identity in an unparalleled pictorial exhibition of artworks by one of the most ingenious and creative woman artists from Italy.

Her name is Adele Ceraudo and she has reinterpreted from a female perspective some of the greatest masterworks by famous Italian painters and sculptors of the Renaissance.

The result is an amazing collection of artworks that inject a new force and meaning in figures and stories that have traditionally mirrored male-oriented religions and mythologies.

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Il Viaggio delle Dee

Goddess Voyage

Artworks by Stefano Hats
27 september - 07 november, 2017

Entering the lab of Stefano, aka Steven, is like entering Alice’s Wonderland,free from time boundaries where you can express yourself through fantasy. Madness becomes genius and hats become wearable art objects.

Stefano inherited a deep passion for millinery from an old craftsman, a gift of alchemy: the mixture of natural fabrics and manual treatments give Felt and Sinamay the distinctive softness of a life sculptures.

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La Sacra Sindone

The Holy Shroud

Artworks by Veronica Pieraccini
15 - 24 november. 2019

The Holy Shroud by Veronica Piraccini is an unforgettable immersive experience designed to take the viewer on an insightful journey through history, art and science. It explores our enduring fascination with the Holy Shroud of Turin, a large linen cloth bearing the image of a crucified manalleged to be Jesus of Nazareth.

Since then, Piraccini’s works have been exhibited across the length and breadth of Italy, and in numerous galleries, museums and cathedrals abroad, including in the United States, Brazil, Africa, the Philippines, Spain, Mexico and China. In whatever part of the world her works have been exhibited, The Holy Shroud is considered a miracle of art and alchemy and always arouses great emotional responses from its viewers.

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