The Exchange Program


International Exchange

The GAIA Project is an opportunity for young figurative artists to attend GAIA’s International Exchange Program. Artists willing to participate in the program submit to GAIA’s Art Committee two or more artworks representing their region of origin, culture and folklore.The selected artists have the opportunity to spend a period of time to work, study and professional development overseas, mentored by GAIA’s Artists and encouraged to create artworks inspired by their experience overseas.

International Art Community

Young artists, by submitting their application to the exchange program, become members of a social art-network community hosted on GAIA’s portal. On the portal artists can create their own web page to display their works, access art-news, community blogs and an International art directory.Participation in the GAIA Project enables young artists to interact with professional artist members of Gaia’s Art Committee in the visiting country.

Art Network Services

The GAIA Project facilitates young artists in accessing:
- International art schools
- Art communities including associations, galleries, curators, art magazines
- Art shops, materials, techniques and services
- Information and support for grants and applications
- Seminars/workshops
- Opportunities to exhibit artworks
- Links to art schools and programs
- E-marketing and social networking.

Young Artist Award

At the end of each exchange program, the GAIA Project organises a gala event, where the artworks of the artists participating in the program are exhibited. During the event, GAIA’s Award is presented by the Artistic Committee to the creator of the artwork that best represents the culture, traditions and folklore of the country visited during the exchange program. The winner of the award will be invited to join GAIA’s Art Committee, and all artists involved in the program are given the opportunity to exhibit their artworks in a group show organised by GAIA.


How it works
our Exchange Program

Artists willing to participate in the program will submit to the Gaia Artistic committee – through the GAIA ‘s portal –  two or more artworks representing their own origins, their regions, cultures or folklore.

GAIA Art Committee shortlists and selects the artists who will participate in the program. It will include travel and accommodation overseas for 3 months, and the opportunity of attending GAIA partners’ art schools (workshops, seminars, facilities), connecting with artists from a different background, being inspired and interacting with the local art community through GAIA’s Arts Committee network.
During the exchange program artists are encouraged to create artworks inspired by the culture, traditions and folklore of the country they are visiting.

At completion of the exchange, Artists will be given the opportunity to display their artworks for sale in public and private venues, in the local and international markets though GAIA’s Donor Program, GAIA’s exhibitions and art participate in the exchange program YDAIA upload, on GAIA’s portal, photos and information regarding their profile and inspirations, and statements about their artworks. GAIA encourages artists to submit artworks representing their own culture, traditions and folklore.

1. GAIA’s Art Committee shortlists the artists (and artworks) to be admitted to the program.
2. Artists notified of their admission to the program submit their artwork(s) to GAIA.
3. Gaia’s Art committee nominates artists participating in the international exchange program.
4. Gaia will provide airfare, accommodation, financial support and will facilitate their attendance at art seminars and courses at overseas GAIA’s ART institutions, and facilitate the connection and networking with the local art community through events and other services available.
5. While overseas artists are encouraged to produce artworks inspired by the culture tradition and folklore of the place they visiting.
6. At the end of the exchange program a gran gala award night will be organised where artworks inspired by the culture of the hosting country will be displayed and auctioned, and an award will be given to the artists who better represented the culture of the place visited.

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